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Dear prospective Partner!
The GAIN BI Ltd. was founded by Attila Gludovátz and Gergely Bencsik. The company’s mission is to informatically support other companies’ all-day activities. Our mission can be interpreted in a widest range. It includes all kinds of informatics implementation, from micro-enterprises’ self-developed software through small and mid-size companies’ informatics solutions to supporting large enterprises’ integrated systems. According to standard approach, specialization is doing for only one informatics area and people are getting deeper and deeper knowledge in that area. However, informatics needs interdisciplinary approaches. The standard approach can eventuate to solve all kinds of problem with the single deepened technology. In the market, there are business processes, strategic aspects, controlling processes, legal background, human resource environment, and, of course, many various technologies related to these processes. Therefore, business needs will also be multilayer. On the one hand, proper solution must be sought and it is not sure that the “so far used” solution must be applied. On the second hand, other informatics approach is needed depend on the size of the company. It is possible that in the case of a small enterprise, a smaller software package is enough to secure the company’s operations. In the case of a large company, there are lots of information must be handled, therefore larger informatics infrastructure must be implemented. The interdisciplinary aspect is what makes us different from other informatics companies. Our team considers the holistic environment of the given problem. From the set of the current solutions, the proper one will be chosen, let there be a development in a given software environment or an overall self-developing solution. To satisfy an informatics need, there is not enough to understand one technology environment, but upkeep and operational costs must be calculated, the supporting level, between the processes and the software environment, must be determined, and users’ satisfaction must be also measured. The GAIN BI company’s aim is that the provided solution will be appeared among the customer enterprise’s success factors in measured and numerable way. We hope we can help to you!
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Latest news
  1. Our home page is just started!

    May 09, 2016 - Gergely

    Our webpage started! Greetings to all current and prospective partners!

  2. GAIN BI is on the Facebook!

    May 12, 2016 - Attila

    Like and follow us on Facebook!

  3. A new order!

    May 17, 2016 - Gergely

    We have a new order! The goal of the project is to implement a web page to handle company production process. The company deals with metal plating. During the plating process, the permanency is the most important question, therefore complex chemical equations must be programmed. More details soon!

  4. Our cash-flow solution has new functionality!

    May 20, 2016 - Gergely

    Our cash-flow solution has a new functionality. Now, we can calculate companies' cash-flow based on Excel files.

  5. Invitation for PhD defense

    May 25, 2016 - Gergely

    Bencsik Gergely PhD defense will be held in building GT of the University of West Hungary (Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street 9, Sopron, Hungary) on July 9 3:00 pm. The title of the presentation is "Decision support and its relationship with random correlations phenomena". We are looking forward to meet you.

  6. PhD defense successful

    July 25, 2016 - Attila

    We are pleased to inform you that Gergely Bencsik defended his dissertation on 9th June. He graduated with Summa Cum Laude. One of the opponent was Prof. Jos Orshoven from the K.U.Leuven (Belgium).

  7. Project successful

    July 31, 2016 - Attila

    We successfully finished the windows hinges web application. The solution started to work, the test phase was also started.

  8. Test results

    August 15, 2016 - Attila

    It is clear that a software developing process never ends. Desire for new abilities often show up. It is particularly true in the test phase of the given solution. The windows hinges production company gave the result of its test results. Based on test results, we implemented system's improvements.

  9. Fellowship

    August 30, 2016 - Attila

    Attila Gludovatz awarded the National Talent fellowship. Congratulation!

  10. MSSQL training

    September 15, 2016 - Attila

    Roto Elzett Certa Ltd. Ordered our Microsoft SQL server course. The course includes not just theoretical training materials but hands-on experiences as well.

  11. Industry 4.0

    November 11, 2016 - Attila

    Attila Gludovátz held a presentation on 13th Annual Conference on Business Information Systems. The topic was Industry 4.0.

  12. Access training

    December 07, 2016 - Attila

    GAIN BI Ltd. Launched Microsoft Access course! More details are in References section.

  13. Windows 10 training

    January 19, 2017 - Attila

    Windows 10 arrived as a client operating system in enterprise environment. Actually, Windows 7 is replaced by Windows 10, while Windows 8 is often skipped. Now, our Windows 10 in enterprise environment course quotation is sent to our customer company and we are waiting the answer.

  14. Pilot project

    January 24, 2017 - Attila

    Today, we had a meeting with a national wood industry company. We organize a pilot project with the topic knowledge management in enterprise environment. Further details cannot be shared because of the secrecy.

  15. Maintenance

    February 16, 2017 - Attila

    GAIN BI Ltd. as informatics Ltd. continuously focuses on renewing. New design coming soon!

  16. Successful Microsoft Office Access training

    April 18, 2017 - Attila

    After the Microsoft SQL Server, Excel and PowerPoint courses, we had a new cooperation with ROTO Vasalatkereskedelmi Ltd. Our job was to make theoretical and practical training material for Microsoft Office Access Database Management System. The ROTO company wanted this employee to specialize to databases and based on data, sales quotes can be made for the customers.
    Near the education, we advise optimization possibilities for the company’s data management.

  17. Microsoft Windows 10 training

    May 15, 2017 - Attila

    After the successful Access, SQL Server, Excel and PowerPoint trainings, the ROTO company ordered the new Windows 10 training. The training material included the most important processes and adjustable possibilities of this new operating system. The trainings were successfully done and one training took one and a half hour.

    On the attached picture, we can see the new possibilities of Start menu setting.

  18. Summer course I. - Cashflow web application presentation and demonstration video

    July 03, 2017 - Attila

    Réka Baranyi’s task included two main parts: (1) informatics task and (2) Marketing task. She made a video about our CashFlow application. The video serves marketing and promotion purposes. First, she needed to know about the theoretical background of the cash flow and after that she studied the used technology and she tested all processes of the solution.

    Réka came to know several video maker applications, which were used to do the final job. She wrote down her experiences and testing results to help us to further develop the application.

    The video is available on the page.

  19. Summer course II. - Production supervisor mobile application development

    July 31, 2017 - Attila

    Roland Vető dealt with our production management solution. This solution helps to monitor production processes.

    During the development, one of the newest Microsoft technology, Xamarin was used. With this framework, the code can be written in C# programing language, but the result can be easily installed on Android, iOS and - of course - Windows phones.

  20. Summer course III. - Making a translation of an ERP system curriculum

    August 31, 2017 - Gergely

    The continuous training of the employees is always crucial in a company environment. It is especially true in the cases of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, because it must be adapted to the ever-changing environment (new processes, new market needs, new legal environment, new tax rules).

    More and more companies have foreign connections; therefore, the foreign language knowledge is more and more critical in the daily activities. Because of that trend, the own ERP system is used on the foreign language also in Hungary. Therefore, our Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 training material created on Hungarian language was translated to English. The training material is more than 100 pages and it contains the execution of daily ERP, i.e., NAV 2016, activities. We plan the German translation as well.

  21. New function in a tax advisor website: document generating

    December 16, 2017 - Attila

    The work appointment process is an important part of the company’s legal duty. However, the paper work of the appointment process can be long, therefore it must be automated as much as possible. Informatics can solve this kind of problem too. Our new job was to implement a new feature of a web application. The feature generates Microsoft Word documents automatically. The company which would like to hire the new employee fills the web forms with data. Based on the filled data, the proper document of appointment with the pre-defined structure is generated by our new feature. This document is appropriate for the legal appointment and it can be sent to the booking processes or to the employee as well. The client was the Confinium Economic Adviser Ltd. and the feature is written in PHP language. The language of the web application is German.

  22. Automatic price update for Dormer window department of Roto Elzett Ltd.

    May 14, 2018 - Attila
    The continuous pricing and price update are an important process in every company. The GAIN BI Ltd. implemented a solution which can update the prices automatically. The solution automatically updates the given new prices by the given products. The solution is implemented in Excel macro environment and programmed in VBA language.
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